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So why the name ‘testingfromthehip’?

Glad you asked…

I was trying to think of a clever name for my blog. I was thinking of what we as software testers do. I was thinking of how we relate to the old gunslingers of the past who ‘shoot from the hip’. Ok, so maybe we don’t have the cool hat, chaps (although there was that time at a Halloween party a long time ago), a gun and the whole danger element (ouch! paper cut), but we do tend to shoot from the hip alot in our daily lives as testers.

Whenever we have vague and constantly changing requirements, incomplete designs, multiple projects and priorities, oodles of bugs to test, documentation to create and update, senior managers to assuage over status of projects and ‘level of quality’, the term I came up with was ‘testing from the hip’.

Draw sucka! Hope we draw fast enough and hit one of our targets, then keep shooting!

I hope I continue with this blog and can reach out to others in the software testing field. Where it leads, who knows? I know for now, it will be a central repository for my own thoughts, ideas, questions and comments. Feel free to join in anytime with responses or discussions you may want to address.

Until my next post…


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